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Flaite is a person who like to steal to people
they like to dress like snoopdog and hear bad music. They usually use a knife or a gun to get what they want. they like to think they are rich.
flaite: look what i got! a new rolex I just stole it from that guy
flaite2: nice! let sell it and smoke some weed
by cholga August 07, 2007
If you ever go to chile just remember to buy a chilean dictionary, they have a different word for everything.
Even they neighbours from argetina can't understand what are they talking about.
is a secret language!
PEDRO: oye weon cachaste a esa mina rica ke andaba en el carrete de ayer, esa ke era media mamona

mexican: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! I speak spanish but i didnt understand a word of what you said.
I want to learn your chilean language
by cholga August 07, 2007
Chile is a long country in southamerica(NOT AFRICA!) next to argentina.
Chile is the best country cuz it got all the landscapes you can imagine ( beach, snow,desert,etc)
In chile you can be a normal guy or you can be a flaite, that means you like to steal to people talk like u were snoopdog and hear bad music.

M: dude, lets go to a crazy place were partys never ends

by cholga August 07, 2007

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