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5 definitions by chodanut

The name for a girls vagina when arroused and wet or "juicy".
My dick slipped right into that juicy drawer.
by chodanut April 13, 2008
31 13
A large man beast that is strong, tends to carry a club, and smashes many things. Not very fleet of foot and if you cross one you should run fast.
The goofa got into my apartment last night and ate all my food and smashed my kitchen!
Run from that goofa before it uses the club.
by chodanut April 13, 2008
4 1
What you call the vagina during the week of the period.
My girl is rocking a blood cage this week so i cant bang her.
by chodanut April 13, 2008
3 1
The name for a vagina that is all banged out, loose, and just plain floppy looking. You get a floppy compartment by putting many large objects into a vagina.
I saw this porno and the girl had a seriously floppy compartment.
Man you could fit a basketball into that floppy compartment.
by chodanut April 13, 2008
1 0
The same as cum, jizz, or man juice
I left chizzle on my buddies sheets after my girlfriend gave me a blowjob.
I chizzled all over my wifes face last night.
by chodanut March 19, 2008
4 34