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A R&B diva who died in a airplane crash on August 25 2001 because the pilot was drunk and on coke, the bastard.
Never get drunk or stoned in Hollywood, you might end up killing a celebrity. Remember Aaliyah.
by chocolate box July 22, 2006
A game that is played by many Japanese high schoolers. A group of teens, with an equal number of boys and girls, gather at a private place. The boys and girls all pair up and have unprotected sex. After all the boys ejaculate, the couples switch partners. This continues until every boy has had sex with every girl (and visa versa). Now because the girls are at different stages in their cycles, some will not get pregnant (they escaped the bullet as in Russian roulette) and some will get pregnant (they got the bullet as in Russian roulette). But unlike the real Russian roulette, for the girls who got the bullet in this game there is a way out. Because, prior to playing, each player is required to put 5000 yen into a pool called "ejaculation insurance". The collected money is then used to pay for the abortions of any pregnancies that result.
Do the Japanese teens who play Russian sex roulette all get tested to make sure they don't have AIDs, or could that be another aspect of the game?
by chocolate box October 13, 2006
1.to be drunk or high on drugs

2.to do really poorly on something
A boy who was in DARE class whispered to his friend.

Boy: "Ready to get bombed after this?"
DARE officer: "What was that!?"
Boy: "I said 'I really bombed on your quiz'!"
DARE officer: "Oh, well study harder next time."
by chocolate box July 22, 2006
A game designed to test the nerve of the players involved. Many believe the only way to play a game of chicken is the car way - in which two people each get into the driver's seat of a car and drive straight towards each other at top speed, the first to swerve out of the impending head-on collision is the "chicken". However there are other ways that a game of chicken can be played. One ways is to have all players stand on a railroad track as a train quickly approaches. The first person to leap off of the tracks to avoid being hit by the train is the "chicken". Another way is to have all players swim into a river that has a large waterfall downstream. The first person to get out of the river to avoid going over the waterfall is the "chicken". Yet another way to play chicken is most popular with surfers. Two or more players get onto their surfboards and catch the same wave – a wave that is taking them straight for jagged rocks. The first person to ditch their board and swim away to avoid the rocks is the "chicken".
No matter how you play it, chicken can be a dangerous game.
by chocolate box October 13, 2006
The feeling you get when you have to go to the bathroom.
"Nature's callin" or "nature calls" is usually how nature's call is said in a sentence.

Guy #1: Dude, where you going so fast?

Guy #2: Nature calls!
by chocolate box July 22, 2006
A person (male or female) who is not only good-looking, but charming as well.
Girl #1: Did I tell you that Billy left a surprise in my locker?
Girl #2: No, what was it?
Girl #1: A red rose.
Girl #2: No way! That's so sweet!
Girl #1: I know, he's a real chocolate box.
by chocolate box April 20, 2006
Fletching can mean a man eating his own semen out of the anus of his male or female partner, or it can mean a man eating his own semen out of the vagina of his female partner.
Straight man: Do you ever do fletching with your guy?
Gay man: No, it's too gross for me. Do you ever do it with your girl?
Straight man: Her ass? No. Her twat? All the time!
by chocolate box April 20, 2006
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