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The only rap group with an IQ of over 100.

A Tribe Called Quest (ATCQ for short, but that's impossible to pronounce?!)
They can subtly blend laid back hip-hop beats with trumpets and a couple double basses. These guys top it off with intellegent, catchy lyrics that focus on more important things like the rap industry, the word nigger etc.

In the words of Phife Dawg: 'when was the last time you heard a funky diabetic?'
Guy #1- 'I really want to see A Tribe Called Quest live, but I'm scared my face will melt at the awesomeness, leaving me permanently hideous!'

Taylor Swift - 'Mmm, that happened to me.'
#a tribe called quest #tribe #quest #hip-hop #the low end theory
by choco-mango November 28, 2010
Pearl Jam are a fine example of an awesome band.

These 'awesome bands' are very endangered these days, especially since John Lennon died and Ke$ha started raping the charts.
Now, despite the Y2K bug and Justin Bieber, Pearl Jam are one of the best creations of the 90's as they eclectically combine grunge with heavy rock with soft accoustic guitars with the coolest voice possible.

The best of the best songs are:
Even Flow
Yellow Ledbetter
Just Breathe

Pearl Jam conquer about 90% of my iPod and have about 40 tribute bands, which is always good!
I hate Pearl Jam, but then again I'm an obese anti-christ homo who digs Nickelback.
How many people did I offend there...?
#pearl #jam #pearl jam #grunge #ledbetter #awesome #5 against 1
by choco-mango November 28, 2010
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