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3 definitions by chipchip

To finger a girl with a smooth stroking motion using your middle finger on your right hand
"How can I make her orgasm orgasmically?"
"You know, use one finger on her clit, and then pechekucha with the others!"
by Chipchip August 13, 2009
the act of appropriating different cultural practices into an activity.
"Sara are you eating a muffin w/chopsticks?"
"Yah, i'm totally culture-jammin'!!'"

see also: Cooking stir-fry w/pasta, eating sushi at a festival.
by chipchip November 19, 2012
A nondescript answer alluding to any real information. Thus avoiding the snitch hat.
"What color was his hair?"
"i don't know, bag-colored"
"What color bag?"
"You know, bag-colored, any color bag, fuck!"
by chipchip November 19, 2012