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An unscrupulous lawyer.
As soon as he arrived in the emergency room following the car crash, he was greeted by three ambulance chasers.
by chiggley December 02, 2004
Sicilian for bastard (literally "son of a whore"), similar in idea but more pejorative than S.O.B. The sing-song (or prosody) is critical.

It sounds great when pronounced correctly, very cathartic. See that scene in Godfather 2 where DeNiro stabs the old guy who killed his mother.The old guy says it right!!
Su figghiu de buttana me n'ha frigato!

That bastard has screwed me!
by chiggley December 02, 2004
Syndicated shock-jock. Enormously irreverent and funny. Frequent use of double entendres, most of which are his own.

See: www.greaseman.org
Estelle ya pig ya, love Nino Greasmanelli
by chiggley December 02, 2004
Sicilian for "Minchia molla" or "soft penis". While it may refer to an individual whio might benefit from Viagra, more commonly used to as a derogatory implying a wuss or bland male.

Pronounced: Mink-Ya-Mudd-Da
Su fissa e na minchiamodda
by chiggley December 02, 2004
Pants that one continues to wear, day after day, despite repeated urination.

Less frequently, a derogatory phrase referring to Detroit's NBA team.
It was obvious to all at that he was wearing pissed ons.
by chiggley December 02, 2004
Any course offered in an institution of higher learning of dubious value and marginal difficulty. Applicable to most "Adult Ed" courses in community colleges as well as those frequented by serious jocks. Such courses are usually determined by content, but may occasionally be determined by professor; especially if professor gives "B" to individuals who have expired before the final exam.
Basketweaving is a crap course. Advanced Quantum Field Theory is not a crap course.
by chiggley December 02, 2004
Early-morning fucking. 19th century Southern Italian euphemism. To make fresh ricotta cheese, one must get up early in the morning as it is a long process.
Cosi fanno queste due, ricotta?

What are those two doing, making ricotta?
by chiggley December 02, 2004
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