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An extremely ugly person who is in dire need of a lifesaving makeover. Usually roadkill is more attractive than a bugzly person.
Wow, is that a mutilated moose or that person just plain bugz?
by Chester August 06, 2004
Baily and/or Ridgly (Sisters of Smapdey). Also see the The B&R
Boy, smap's sister's are deffenately silfs. Especialy those tits and edible training bra!
by Chester January 11, 2005
Stupid band with a dumb ass singer named bono (you don't want to know where it came from) and his guitarist is ugly while wearing a beanie and is still called by his childhood nickname; EDGE. U2 are so full of themselves and think their musc is the greatest thing ever
I am Bono, of u2, I just want to take this moment to thank you for coming, and to say that our music has a godlike feel, a sort of ethereal way that no other music has
by Chester April 05, 2005
Shit on a woman's snatch during menstruation. Proceed to munch. Mmmm Mmmm Nasty! (Crunchy or smooth...depending on what you've been eating.)
Need I say more about this def?
by Chester January 11, 2005
A terrorist organization by definition; they're right to help animals; but theyve gone too far. They have tooken to the extreme and should be purged. We all know nobody cares what peta thinks, but still their ideas are messed up.
Were P.E.T.A. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, and were here to stop you from wearing tha fur COAT!!!! (throws pie and ruins fur coat) this is real
by Chester April 05, 2005
A texan president; VERY PROUD OF HIS TEXANANITY: He is screwing america, why did you have to vote for this douche? Our future generations will have no money, and he is to say, a retard
we must find out weather or not Saddam Houssein actually has weapons of mass destruction! We will be sending a wave of UN troops to check out all or the Iraqi Hide out/ Palaces
by Chester April 05, 2005
Dumb shit president with a fucked up idea of morality; very in your face attitude about winning 3 stupid purple hearts BIG FREAKIN DEAL
George Bush: John Kerry
When you take the best qualities of an elephant and a donkey, you get a lot of SHIT!-- WCTR Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
by Chester April 05, 2005
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