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Euphemism used to discreetly express that one is under the influence of Adderall.
Person A: I just spent six hours making anagrams out of my sister's name, before which I cleaned her entire kitchen with a toothpick and inventoried all my possessions with color-coded markers and 2x2 index cards that I cut myself at 3am while you were sleeping!

Person B: Sounds like somebody has been cruising down Highway 80.
by cheryllayne April 01, 2008
(rhymes with jobs)

An abbreviation for "obligations," generally used by / in reference to people too lazy to fulfill their obligations (and too lazy to even say the word)
I've been cashing funemployment checks so long that I can't remember what my obs were....or even if I ever had any!

Man, I'd totally hang out with you tonight, but I have a shit-ton of obs to stay at home and not fulfill. I wouldn't be able to handle the guilt of not leaving the time slot open for possibly getting around to doing them...I've at least got to stay home and hate myself for being so useless.
by cheryllayne April 01, 2008

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