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A canadian show for teens. In America it comes on the N and comes on about 6th months later than canada's original airing.

very addicting because it's 100% intense
Degrassi is my all time favorite show because I can relate to the characters.

Degrassi is best show on tv!

I love Spinner from degrassi.
by chelsie April 06, 2004
A show that aired on fox. The idiots at fox then cancelled it after 4 hilarious episodes. The show was about a girl named Jaye who after a "sode" inanimat objects would talk to her and tell her to do things.
The idiots at fox cancelled Wonderfalls instead of Forever Eden.

Wonderfalls rocks! and should be back on tv!
by chelsie April 09, 2004
The finest brotha in Conneticut.
Baby u r so fine
by Chelsie January 17, 2004
jeff is my sexy boyfriend that i love and he is mine so all you bitches that want him cant have him so fuck off
jeff your mine and your sexy
by chelsie February 27, 2005
my bestfriend who moved away is also very sexy i love her
eww lalala eww eww lalala
by chelsie December 28, 2004
It's a black persons words for "Whats Up"
"What it is Jive Turkey?" Nuttin much muh Nukka!!
by Chelsie February 21, 2004
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