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Morning Delight - to achieve coitus in the a.m., usually prior to work or somesuch other pre ordained event, successfully and without causing both happy participants to be late!
"Morning Bob! You look happy today!"

"Cheers Phil!, yeah, managed a little morning delight with the missus!!!"
by chefjim November 05, 2008
Lady advancing in years, single, beyond cougar, will attempt to pull drunken semi-conscious guys from pubs/clubs/lean-to's. Will lie in wait until right moment and pounce. (Does not wear tie-dye) (though might have beard)
Dude, that chick (sic), is checking you out!

Naaah man, she's 65! A Grateful Bed if ever I saw one, give me another 16 pints and i'll go for it!!!

by chefjim November 05, 2008

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