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What to do when it doesn't fit
The plug didn't fit so I rammed it in
by Cheezu$ May 28, 2003
A word that usually prescribes an uncertain number of occurances. This is usually said in the reference of the numbers 13-19 (hence the 'teen'), but it can be in reference to any number within reason.

Hence 'umteenth'
I got umpteen calls from this pranker yesterday.

I dyed my hair for the umpteenth time today.
by Cheezu$ July 25, 2003
When a server is overloaded by over-zealous using.

Althought the term was created by PA, tubing is not only through their linking to other pages.
The forum was totally tubed cos people (you know who you are) were posting all this useless stuff.
by Cheezu$ June 06, 2003
Lead paint
"You ate lead paint as a child didn't you?"
"What, wall candy?"
by Cheezu$ June 21, 2003
Person who originates from Miranda.

Originally coined by myself and P3d for Miranda Antioch, but it is suitable for any person from Miranda.
I'm a Mirandarin!
by Cheezu$ July 28, 2003
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