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This comes from the will it blend videos starring Tom Dickenson. Following blending somthing inedible, such as marbles, he says somthing like...
Glass smoke- don't breathe this

iPod smoke- don't breathe this

magnet smoke- don't breathe this
by cheeseflambe April 17, 2010
4 or more people taking hteir socks off together.

no, im serious.

thats the orrigional definition of orgy

probably got somthing to do with a foot fetish or somthing.
4 people getting changed for p.t.

hey were having an orgy!
by cheeseflambe June 30, 2009
happy-whatever reason im giving this small insignificant piece of crap to you.
Should be said with enthusiasm.
person, whilst handing someone else a half empty tube of toothpaste:Happy Birthday
by cheeseflambe July 20, 2009
olive tree, as in The Goodness Of The Olive Tree, from the Bertolli advert. It is the genitalia of any man with the surname of Olive, and The Goodness Of The Olive Tree is therefore his spunk.
so anyways, then Olive got his Olive tree out and i was like lol its tiny.

i got The Goodness Of The Olive Tree in my hair and had to wash it out real quick.
by cheeseflambe June 22, 2009
The act of making another person curious enough about what blue waffle is, that thet will look it up, and be blue waffled.
I was blue waffeling with Pete the other night, but it totally backfired, because he spat his drink all over my computer, and now i need a new keyboard :(
by cheeseflambe August 05, 2010
Times of great financial depression, such that buissness men are commiting suicide off of the Gherkin (a large penis shaped building within the greater metropoliten area.)
Dude 1: man, my neighbour lost his job, i lost my job, my best friend lost his job...

Dude 2: tsk. yeah, thease are Gherkin Suicide Times.
by cheeseflambe July 14, 2009
Happy Whatever-Reason-It-Is-That-Im-Giving-You-This-Small-Insignificant-Piece-Of-Crap.

Must be said enthusiastically, and is simmilar to Happy Birthday, but for occasions when it may not be appropriate to say Happy Birthday, ie someones actuall birthday.
person, whilst handing someone somthig of little or no value: Happy Christmas
by cheeseflambe July 20, 2009

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