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A rush of adreneline causing the overwhelming and immediate urge to have a bowel movement upon entering a store where everything you see you think you MUST have.
Vicki: " Hey Valerie, wanna go to the mall? Nordie's is having their Half Yearly Sale AND I have a 20% off coupon!

Valerie: " Hell yeah, Im in! I saw the sale add today......Im soooo excited! Hope they have a clean bathroom 'cause I feel a case of the shopping shits coming on!"
by cheer1 October 16, 2012
The unfortunate and very painful "accident" that occaisionally occurs during passionate love making where the mans penis exits the vagina and is forcefully reinserted into the rectum.
Lori: Hey Tiffany, last night me and Tommy were sloppy drunk and going at it and his penis slipped out of my coochie and went streight into my butt hole! The most painful thing EVER!!!!!!! He says it was an accident."

Tiffany: Ouch! Just hearing it makes my butt hurt! All men say it was an "accident"....don't believe it. I think he pulled the old Anal Ooopsie Daisy on you girl."
by cheer1 December 27, 2012
The overwhelming feelings of anxiety and panic that insue upon waking the day after Christmas. Typically related to buyers remorse, over eating,empty bank account and the pile of dirty dishes waiting to be washed in the kitchen.
Jamie: " Amy I don't know what to do! I've put on 10 pounds, my kitchen is a mess and I checked our bank account on line and we're in overdraft! To make matters worse, the Kindle Fire I paid $250.00 for is on sale...... half off!"

Amy: " Damn girl, you better call a shrink. Sounds like your suffering from Post Traumatic Christmas Disorder."
by cheer1 December 26, 2012
The female version of, " balls to the walls". The act of going all out, to the extreme. Often uttered before doing something crazy.
Me: "Hey Vanessa, your coming to to Jessica's bachelorette party next weekend right?"

Vanessa: " Hell yeah girl! I just picked up some furry handcuffs, nipple nibblers, mardigras beads and a 6 ft. inflatable penis to stick out of the sunroof of the limo!"

Me: "Damn Ness, you went Tits to the Ritz!"
by cheer1 December 21, 2012

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