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Being inbetween really really baked and being so pwned that you pass out, basicly with just enough consciousness to waddle around like a penguin on crack blurting out random words which have little to no meaning and certainly no relation to the imediate space around him/her. This would be the affect of some one either smoking a five hundred pound spliff or, more realisticly, a fuck load of weed.
"Man did you see that kid at Steveston park the other night? I meen, he was totally fucked up! I think he needs to get help.. "
by cheeched4life September 27, 2006
1.) Alowed to leave. 2.)Released 3.)Forgivin
1./2. Teacher: You are excused class.

3.(friend takes a dank fart) Excuse you, bitch.
by cheeched4life September 30, 2006
What is Rain God? What is RAIN GOD??!!
The most almighty of the holy, the greatest of everything.

The bringer of peace and prospairity.

The destroyer of worlds and creater of life.

The son of cheech and the father of blaze.

Inder his wings, Persian the Mighty and Tommygun the Cheeched Lung?
Take it form me my bretheren! Kneel to the Rain God and accept his teachings! He will show the new the way of Reaping the Pink Gates! His tool? The Cheeba! The Herb of life!

But, beware of the Evil BlueBarry! He is strong in the attempt to destroy the Rain God!

That is the Rain God my freinds.
"RAAAIIN GOD!!!" (split your fingers down the middle like from startreck, thoes bastards don't deserve the sign! Rain God!)
by cheeched4life September 29, 2006
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