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someone who with one look can send chills down your back.
wow; look at that creepy onion-eyed stalker!
by cheechanator March 27, 2008
hated by the devil. insured to go to heaven.
wow; look at that bible hugger shes sure hell-hated!
by cheechanator March 27, 2008
When a male throws up on a female's vagina and then has vaginal intercourse.
I was eating her nasty pussy and it was so ronchy I throw up on it and decided to give her a Mexican pot pie.
by Cheechanator August 24, 2013
stoner loving; wannabe gangster who thinks they are mexican and wears pants that are WAY to tight.
"wow; look at that mon-ster! i don't like her; i think shes a prep." "and you think i love her?"
by cheechanator March 27, 2008

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