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A film school in Chicago, Columbia COLLEGE is a much different beast than Columbia UNIVERSITY. People who don't make the distinction run the risk of expectations falling flat when the difference comes to be known.

While not a prestigious college, Columbia College is still the largest art/film school in the country and is synonymous with such names as Kanye West, Andy Dick, and Pat Sajack.

The attendance in past years has skyrocketed with GPAs ranging from 1.0-4.0, which can at times be discouraging. Just know that if you're an intellectual attending the school, you aren't alone and you will notice that the idiots mostly drop off after freshman year. Those who are serious generally succeed.
Guy 1: "I can't believe how stupid these kids are in my class at Columbia College."

Guy 2: "Yeah... but you have to admit, it's a nice view of Lake Michigan."
by Tavis June 29, 2008
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