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an instruction to have sexual intercourse during the festive period. Plum my pudding and stuff my turkey would be synonyms
I love you Alfed. Stop wrapping those presents and come father my christmas
He was fathering my christmas all day long when we should have been shopping for the kids presents
by charrc April 24, 2006
A christmas themed invitation to have sexual intercourse. Taken from plum pudding (the thing you eat after your turkey). See cheeri my o, father my christmas, pull my cracker etc
After kissing under the misletoe, Joey asked Fred if he'd like to plum her pudding.
I'd love you to plum my pudding
by charrc April 27, 2006
An instruction to have vaginal intercourse. Usually used during the christmas period along with other classics such as 'hang my baubles', 'deck my halls' and the all time favourite 'father my christmas'
NB A christmas equivalent of the cereal based 'cheeri my o' theme.
"john gave my pudding a good pluming at the office christmas party"
" I asked him to plum my pudding, but he turned me down"
by charrc April 24, 2006
Someone who gobbles knobs.
Wow, you're such a knob gobbler
That girl gobbles knobs like there's no tomorrow.
by charrc April 24, 2006
To cheeri someone's o is to please their vagina or anus. Cheeri my o is an instruction to do this by means of manual stimulation.
Cheerios are also a sugar-coated breakfast cereal.
Cheeri my o is a verbal phrase, therefore: keep cheeri-ing my o, yesterday peter cheeried my o etc are all acceptable.

I've been corning your flake all morning, it's time for you to cheeri my o.

He cheeried my o for hours so in return i sucked his crunchy nuts
by charrc April 24, 2006
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