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A women so hidously ugly that viagra (or alcohol) will not make them attractive.
Friend: "Hey Joe, I hear you have a new lady boss, maybe if you get with her you will get a raise."

Joe: "No way man, have you seen her, she is so ugly, she would be viagra resistant!
by charliedad March 15, 2009
This is in reference to the movie "Fatal Attraction". This is a women who befriends a man and then all of a sudden thinks that they are his girlfriend. They then proceed to lay down a whole bunch of crazy possesive stuff on you. Note that this bitch has never, nor never will sleep with you. Of course, they talk a great game about it. Your reaction goes from flattery (for about a week) to "yo bitch leave me alone".

The only way to get rid of this person (bitch) is lie and tell them that you are considering celebacy or tell them that you found another girlfriend. One of the symptoms of this very sorry individual is that they do not want your dick but no one else is allowed to have it either.
Man, that crazy girl sent me five text messages in a row asking me to call her and then was up my ass the next day, why I didn't call her. I said, yo, you are a boil the bunny bitch and you don't own my dick.
by charliedad June 14, 2009

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