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Sexual version of a marathon whereby adults indulge in constant shagging over a number of days. Experimentalism is encouraged!
My mate Ken and his bird had a fucking shagathon for 6 days. Lucky bugger.
by charbrad73 November 25, 2009
The after-effects of a skittery shit post-curry eating. The skin around the anus becomes hot and nippy. The sufferer feels extreme fear of the pain if they need to revisit for a second round of skitters.
Man has just left local curry house and has partaken a VERY hot Vinda Loo! He has been in the loo for about half an hour and shouts to his wife "I'm neva goin Indian again i have a ring of fire!!!"
by charbrad73 November 24, 2009
A warm hard shit, sometimes containing nuts or sweetcorn. Can be extremely painful to get rid of out the anal opening. Can lead to "ring of fire" syndrome!!
Man shouts to his girlfriend from the lavvie, "I'm huvvin bother wae this toley ... it's no fur comin oot and it's geein me a ring of fire!"
by charbrad73 November 24, 2009
An extremely stupid inane brain-redundant twat who is not worth fresh air. They litrally have tit on their brain and fuck all else.
"John went for a smoke of hash down the copshop last night."
"What a fuckin titwad!"
by charbrad73 November 24, 2009

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