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noun; early French for 'candle maker'.
I was a chandler until I spilled hot wax all over my ding dong.
by chandizl December 14, 2008
(pee-tee lou-zur) noun; nickname given to p.t. cruisers that don flashy accessories, wooden paneling, or flame graphics to give the appearance of "living life in overdrive." Usually the end result of a mid-life crisis.
Those purple tanks from halo look like a p.t. luiser.
by chandizl December 10, 2008
noun; stubby armed beer aficionado. Usually broke, but somehow manages to acquire mind-altering substances. Talks about women much more than actually being around them.
"We just ran out of beer and titties. I guess trucker paulsen's leaving now."
by chandizl December 01, 2008
noun; Where you live. Any plot of land under your ownership with which you take scandalous women to have promiscuous, unprotected sex.
"Ay, girl. Do you want to come back to my fuck palace? But my mom lives there."
by chandizl December 19, 2008
Synonymous with 'bathroom'. The place you go to deliver a food baby.
Taco Bell gave me a food baby miscarriage. Better bring a mop to your delivery room.
by chandizl January 08, 2009
noun; a short girl who weighs no less than 240 lbs. Can consume 3 times her body weight.
The 240 shorty preys on drunk frat boys.
by chandizl December 10, 2008
noun; A short woman that weighs no less than 240 pounds. Usually found smoking a burrito like a cigarette and manages to acquire skinny, passive aggressive men that are unable to speak for themselves.
trucker paulsen found a 240 shorty... a match made in fat-heaven.
by chandizl December 01, 2008

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