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Terrible song by "Simple Plan". Trite lyrics "cuz we lost it all, now we can't go back I'm sorry I can't be perfect"..."Nothings gonna change the things that you say...nothings gonna make this right again".

Lyrics sound like something out of a 12 year old girl's blog.

Everything that's wrong with today's popular music scene. These guys are the Backstreet Boys, 5 years later once the record execs realized that boybands were out, and psuedo-punk bands catering to the rebellious side of preppy middle school girls were in.
"Like wow, "Perfect" is so deep and meaningful. I play this song whenever my daddy won't let me drive his beemer"
by cfs September 29, 2004
Coolest person ever
Damn! I wish I was Piccolo, hes so much cooler then that Vitz guy... DAMN
by CFS February 22, 2004
Coolest person ever
Retarded4Wisdom: DAMN! Have you seen CFSmaster lately?!
Vitz: Yeah, he is so fucking hot, I wish I could be him... OOO! Lets pretend we are getting it on with him
Retarded4Wisdom: No!
Retarded4Wisdom: No?
Retarded4Wisdom: No.
Retarded4Wisdom: No>
Retarded4Wisdom: Okay!
by CFS February 22, 2004

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