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A term used liberally by technology people (mostly systems administrators) who are not yet 30, but still somehow have 15 years of real world experience.
Brian: "I'm not trying to be insulting, I'm just using 15 years of experience doing this stuff to come to a resolution. Its been rare that I've let you guys down in that respect, so don't take it as Brian being insulting, take it as Brian asking you to let Brian worry about the details."

Chris: "Ok, Brian."
by cfarley February 29, 2008
to leave a company, go to a new company, complain incessantly about the original company, complain about the new company, return to the original company with no complaints and a significantly higher salary.
Brian: "Man, I hate this place. I make no money and I work way too much. I deserve more. My youtube links that I send out are WAY better than anybody else's in this joint..."

Chris: "Dude, you should totally Moyles this place... You'll easily get a 20% bump in salary and, best of all, you can continue to keep me entertained all day long with your sweet youtube-osity. It's like taking candy from a baby, really..."
by cfarley February 20, 2008
A friend for the day/evening. aka. A hookup. Derived from the Spanish "Hoy" which means, "today."
Norma: "We had so much fun in Tijuana today... but what's your dealio? Are you not looking for anything long-term?"

Alejandro: "While I loved our pictures in front of the zebra-painted donkeys, I need to be honest with you... I'm just interested in being hoyfriends. You down?"
by cfarley February 20, 2008

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