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the mom you become after your kids leave for college (and in some cases high school).

You can only communicate via texts and emails otherwise you never hear from them.
Celia is has morphed into mom-e, her son never answers his phone she has to text him to hear about his life.
#mom #email #mommy #sms #text #e-mail
by cezz January 05, 2009
Made to be an alternative to call a person a faggot. Basically insulting them with the word faggot, but calling them straight to not offend homosexuals.
Person 1: Hey faggot, go suck some dick.
Person 2: Bruh. I'm not gay.
Person 1: Sorry let me correct myself. Hey fajjet, go suck some dick.
#faggot #fajjet #gay #homo #straight
by Cezz November 17, 2014
the person you become when your kids go mobile. Rather than talk to you they text or email or call you to help them with the daily challenges of their lives
Mom: (phone rings) hello

teen: hey, my class starts in 15 minutes and i don't know where it is can u look it up?

mom: yes, one minute please

teen: kay

mom: you are in north hall room 305 b

(under her breath, would you like me to unlock your car too?)

teen: kay

mom: (after hangup) thank you for calling momstar

#mom #teen #child #chat #text #sms #onstar
by cezz January 05, 2009
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