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1) Baseball's biggest prostitute.

2) Steinbrenner's most valued ho.
Alex Rodriguez is a ho.
by Cezero June 01, 2004
1) A buyer and seller of baseball's biggest prostitutes (e.g. Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi).

2) A buyer of World Series rings

3) A geriatric fucktard.

See: fucktard
Steinbrenner is evil, and he must be destroyed
by cezero June 02, 2004
Sammy Sosa's nickname.

See Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa is Corky.
by cezero June 03, 2004
1) A baseball team from Anaheim. They accidentally won a Championship in 2002. Now, their owner is willing to spend enough money to buy another Championship. They're the poor man's Yankees.

2) Also know as the Flukes.

See Flukes
The Anaheim Angels are incompetent.
by cezero June 03, 2004

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