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2 definitions by cerealking

The act of partaking in the consumption of cereal, with milk, after dinner's main course.

True cerealizing involves getting more than one bowl.
-One of the main and only reasons for going to Brower Commons.
Erik: Are you guys cerealizing?
Jack & Yuhan: Hell yeah
Erik: Aight, I'm not getting milk with it.
Jack & Yuhan: What are you, stupid?

(Jack & Yuhan walk to the cereal bar nodding their head in disapproval.)

Yuhan: Yo dude what are you doing later?
Jack: Probably finishing up on some work and then hitting up Brower to cerealize. You?
Yuhan: Cerealizing sounds good. I'll hit you up.
by cerealking November 06, 2009
35 8
Is an alternative way of addressing hunger.
Also another way of saying I'm hungry.
Example 1

Nigger 1: nigga mang imma get me some o' dat KFC chicken, you eatin?
Nigger 2: Ma nigga I huungrayy. Lemme axe Charles.
Charles: Mang what yo' dumass waitin fo' nigga I huungrayy. Where ma keys at?

(The three of them start looking for Charles' keys)

Example 2

Jack: Dude I haven't ate all fucking day.
Ant: That bitch Jamie got you down again?
Jack: Man, fuck you!
Yuhan: Yo faggots, chill. we gunna decide on what to eat tonight or what.

Jack: Man, I hungry.
by cerealking November 06, 2009
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