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3 definitions by celinalope

Boobies. Highly gropable boobies.
NIce grope-a-lopes. I'd really like to grope those lopes.
by celinalope September 12, 2007
1.Hyper-FLY-cemic adjective: The act of being super hot, sexy, and desirable; the act of stealing the show every time you walk through the doors. To be banging.

2.hyperflycemianoun: Similar to insulin shock, this state of being occurs when one encounters a super fly hottie and finds them self in a stupor. Like being blindsided with a bag of bricks.... very attractive bricks.
Somebody call a doctor! She looks so good in that little pink dress; it's hyper-FLY-cemic.
by celinalope October 11, 2007
The act of being utterly repulsed and extremely turned on all at the same time... essentially puking and masterbating at once.
Just read the definition for Danny Glover and you'll be masterpuking. Eww. So many liquids in so little time.
by celinalope October 11, 2007