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A silly person who is often really happy all the time for no apparent reason. They are also weird and do weird stuff.
TheBaz: She is such a loaf, everything she does is pretty loafy
Dasmien: Did you hear she soiled herself on stage?
TheBaz: Yeah that's pretty loafy. There's some pictures of her looking loafy, too
#loaf #loafy #loafer #loafism #loafoid #loafyness
by CeleryMan June 30, 2012
Peeing in a girls mouth which results the girl vommiting on your junk, then use it as lube and slip it in
Me and Frantz did the Arizona Waterfall and I think i need to go the hospital. Tom Dazzo.
#alaskine pipeline #rusty trombone #black shepard #penis #tit #lesbians
by celeryman January 25, 2011
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