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Philmont is a camp run by the Boy Scouts of America in Cimarron, New Mexico. By all accounts, Philmont isn't a typical "summer camp".

For anywhere between one week to two, you spend backpacking (with a fifty pound pack) with your troop up and down treacherous mountains that the average person would break down and cry upon seeing. Switchbacks are so common, that by the end of your stay there, you walk up hills in a switchback fashion, with all of your friends looking at you like you are from some different planet.

Philmont treks have been known to go above 100+ miles, which first time troops are encouraged not to take, because of the level of difficult it is set at (Legendary). In fact, many workers smile when a first time troop picks "Normal" difficulty.

Problems on the trail include dehydration, diarrhea, blisters, broken bones, fist fights over who should do the dishes, bear attacks, leaving somebody up in the bear bag, testicular elephantiasis, thunderstorms, broken water filtration systems, and lost weight.

Mount Baldy, Mount Phillips, and the Tooth of Time are popular obstacles troops overcome easily.
Dude: So yer goin' to Philmont?

Wide-eyed scout: Yessir! It's gonna be awesome!

Dude: It was awesome fer me eggsept I got inta fist fight wit my friend over the dishes.
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by cee-em-kay March 16, 2011
Rock Paper Scissors Pain is a variation of rock paper scissors (Rochambeau) where the winner of each round gets to inflict pain on the loser(s). The winner of the entire game is the person who takes the most pain and doesn't quit. Here is the pain chart:

WIN BY Rock: Stretch out your pinky and thumb fingers and hold your fist at the end of the thumb while placing your pinky at the loser(s) arm. Proceed to punch from that distance (also called: Six Inches)

WIN BY Paper: The loser(s) hold their hands clamped together (like they are "praying"), while the winner slaps their hands upon the loser(s) hands and then slaps violently with the right hand immediately after slapping with both hands.

WIN BY Scissors: The loser(s) holds out the underside of their forearm while the winner slaps the loser(s) arm with the first two fingers on their hand. The people best at this have insanely long fingers, and can cause welts.

(Note: This game, like rock paper scissors is much easier if you play with one other person. The more people in the game makes for more complicated winners/losers situation)

Joe: Uhhh...I still have welts on my arm from when you beat me with scissors.

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by cee-em-kay March 22, 2011
When an object is just enough out of reach that would require energy to mobilize yourself to retrieve.
Me: *drops pen*
*attempts to pick up with foot*
Eh, Gone forever.
#gone #forever #far #lazy #fat
by cee-em-kay April 14, 2011
Bad Touch Tuesday (sometimes shortened to "BTT" or just "Tuesday") is when jock males in a high school setting grope each other in the moob area, preform bean dips, giving each other bro jobs, or other inappropriate actions in public. Lethal force may be used if Bad Touch Tuesday is preformed on a day of the week that isn't Tuesday.
Logan: DUDE WTF!? Why did you grab by dick!?

Scotty: Bro, what day is it?


Logan: Oh, sorry bro, I forgot.

Scotty: *grope*
#bro job #bean dip #moob #bad touch #tuesday
by cee-em-kay March 15, 2011
McNabbing has three definitions:

1) To preform excellent against an opposing force you are expect to lose against, and you are pulling the win right out of your asshole sometimes. However, against opposing forces that are regarded weaker than you and become an "expected win", you just fuck around the WHOLE TIME and then wonder why you fucking lost.

2) To choke at the big game

3) To leave a city/job/team that you are excelling at to go to another city/job/team that might need your skillz homie, then you realize you ain't all that.
Fan 1: Oh my fucking God! It's 50,000 to zero, and we're playing the Detroit FUCKING Lions!

Fan 2: I know man! I don't get why our team is McNabbing it up out there!


Not as good people: HELP! We need your help! Help us!

'Stud': I'll help and become the hero!

Cynical Person: I hope your not going to be McNabbing.
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by cee-em-kay March 08, 2011
When consuming McDonald's or other fast food items, you eat until the point that you are full. However, the moment afterwards your fast food feast, you feel bloated and truly American, which will necessitate a McBreather; a moment of lethargic proportions. You tend not to move, you feel like if you eat anymore food, you will throw up, and within in thirty minutes to an hour, you are capable of eating again. The term "McBreather" may be used with any fast food restaurant, but using it with McDonald's food gives you +1 internets.
George: Oh my gawddddddd. I can't mooovvee.

Stan: Dude. I need a McBreather, man.

George: *gurgles in fatness*
#fast food #fat #lazy #rest #feast
by cee-em-kay March 27, 2011
An ambiguously large number that is at least twice as large as a shitton, a portmanteau of "Holy Shit" and "Shitton"
Clone 12995: Dude, I just ate a holy shitton of enchiladas from Taco Clone!

Clone 65952: You're gonna shit yourself on the mission, you know.

Clone 12995: Yeah...
#shitton #holy #shit #portmanteau #ambigiuously
by cee-em-kay March 20, 2011
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