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45 definitions by cds

Now a popular expression in the online poker world, "obv" (abbreviation from obviously) is often said after a losing hand; usually accompanied by a bad beat.
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Nubly123: shows Qh Jd (a flush, Jack high)
Pokerpro233: shows Ac As (a pair, Aces)
Nubly123 collected 10140 from pot
Pokerpro233 said, "obv"
by Cds October 18, 2006
68 69
The part of a downloaded mp3 where it fucks up and sounds like a cat scratching a chalkboard. It's even worse when you have the music really loud. And it's even worse than that when you somehow accidentally burn it on a CD.
Fuck the RIAA those dumb idiots, they put another landmine in this mp3!
by Cds February 04, 2004
20 22
adj. Anything that is really good, awesome, or just plain nice.
That car gets me h0ge!
by Cds February 18, 2003
1 3
In education, a quiz that is worth more than a standard quiz, but not worth as much as a test.

word origin: I was trying to say "quiz" but was thinking "test" in my head, and the responding word was "qwez".
Jesse: "I have a qwez tomorrow."
Wayne: "Qwez? Qwez? That is the gayest word I've ever heard"
by Cds April 19, 2006
7 10
Rolling on the floor laughings

Jimmy Watson - "Roffles!"
by Cds January 17, 2004
12 15
see the air for complete definition.
the correct pronounciation is THE AIR
by Cds September 23, 2004
2 7
1. ADJ. An insult against Reals.

The word christition itself is unknown in meaning, but we do know that it was meant to insult Reals in some sort of way.

Mikey D created the word in his song "Indian Ignition"
"...it's a ignition, or ignition mrission of the indian christition. I'm just makin up words..."
by Cds June 15, 2004
2 8