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a faggot ass looser who likes fucking small animals while he is getting ass raped by a large smelly man
Cunter was being gay, as usual, when he realized he left his dildo at home.
by CD March 08, 2005
Used as an acronym by members of the LA based bloods gang meaning Bloods Ussually Live Longer. Sometimes the chicago Bulls sports team wear is worn to represent this.
That dog always B wearing bulls clothes to represent his family.
by CD April 06, 2003
What members of the LA based Crips gang use as a term for other members of thier gang, and also as a greeting for other crips.
Yeah we are all cousins on this block.

Whats going down Cuzz.
by CD April 06, 2003
A put down used by memebers of the peopole's nation for members of GD (Gangster Disciples) Ussually in the glazed form. Where GD stands for glazed doughnut.
There goes that glazed doughnut.
by CD April 05, 2003
Low purity methamphetamine ussually produced in small laboratories in peoples homes or available from mexican cartels. Generally having a powder consistincey and not taking a crystalline form as glass would.
Man I stay away from that crank as long as I can score some glass.
by CD April 08, 2003
women like becky
look at those brauds over there acting like idiots.
by cd November 06, 2003
1.) Newly initiated gang member reffering to either males or females. Ussually age ranged 14-17. Used primarily if male as drug runners or scouts. If female she would be available for sex to anyone in the gang.

2.) Used to reffer to any young female (14-17) whom one would want to have sexual relations with.
Yo dog we got ourselves 3 new shortys to use, what we got in mind for em to B doing.
by CD April 12, 2003
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