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Communication with the eyes that does not coincide with, or possibly contradicts, what is being said through speech. Ocular communication.
I had to put on my shades because I was revealing too much information through eye chat.
by ccxxii March 23, 2009
A magical phrase used to open otherwise impenetrable passageways.

The origin of this phrase has nothing to do with the sesame plant or seed. The phrase was created when a man with a thick Italian accent said "Open Says Me", which was misinterpreted and became "Open Sesame".
Chris: How are we going to get in, the door is locked?

Giavonna: Open Sesame (open says-a-me).

Chris: It's open. I guess it wasn't locked.
by ccxxii June 22, 2013
inability to decide between filters on Instagram.

Coined by Amanda Fuller.
He just sat there perplexed with InstaIndecison trying to decide which filter made his food look best.
by ccxxii December 13, 2012

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