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"Bus muffin" is a term commonly used, when on publice transport, to describe someone who you quite like the look of and therefore, will do your best to sit in the seat next to them. Even if there are plenty of other seats available.
"The bus I took yesterday was full of bus muffin, man! I didn't know where to sit so I just hovered over each one until I got off or they hit me! You should have been there, man!"

"Hayley thinks Chris F. is a bus muffin. That's just not right..."
#bus #muffin #mufin #buss #public #transport #train #stud
by cavefish April 20, 2009
1: A cheese roller is someone who, for some reason, delights in chasing a wheel of cheese down a near vertical hill. often int he rain.

2: Someone who likes to "roll the cheese" Cheese being a euphemism for almost anything but primarily that which is found on the end of penises.
"I went cheese rolling last night. Four cheese rollers broke their limbs and two died. It's not been the same since everyone went health and safety crazy."

"Where's Jim gone?"
"Oh, he's off cheese rolling"
"gross man."

"You are SUCH a cheese roller"
#cheese #roll #rolling #hill #hills #chese #cheess #cheesse #roling
by cavefish April 15, 2009
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