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Youths trying to act rude can be most male and female randomly slapping people either complete strangers or people they know. More recently it is private school kids in London(have been some cases in southend) trying to prove they arent lil rich kids. Started in public schools. After it was made illegal the name has been changed and there are now many different names plus many different variations of how it's done.
Group of boys aged 15 approach me from behind nd happy slap me. i spin round, grab the phone and through it under a passing bus. Phone completely crushed. Me laughing.
by casual April 07, 2005
Part of the post code for East London. That's the Zip code to all Americans. Used to show your from East London.
Person one: " where you from bro?"
Person two: " E11"
Person one: "Safe."
by casual May 16, 2005
1. A male who exemplifies a casual laid back manner and finds success with women.
My dog Thaman is quite the swagman, he has the ladies wrapped around his nonchalant self.
by Casual April 29, 2003
Originally a true gansta is sumone who knows the streets, Lives in a city, knows how 2 work a gun nd isnt afraid 2 shoot ne1. Now Kids from places lyk London think that settin fireworks off at people makes them gangsta. Or stealin chep knives does.
Boy he's gangsta. he pulld dat knife on him .He was shook.
by casual April 07, 2005

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