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some really pendulous, nasty titties; very droopy, often with the infamous double-cleave. not unlike the tribal girls in the National Geographic.
that bitch didn't have 36D's, she had 36 Longs
by cassius$ July 18, 2006
a spell used at hogwart's causing one's opponent to begin shitting uncontrolably, often with violence. Usually results in dehydration.
voldemorte was taken by surprise when Harry Potter shouted RECTUS EXPELLARUM!!!, As a result, the death eaters were covered in shite like an audience at a Galagher performance.
by cassius$ July 18, 2006
A man said to prey upon as many younger women as humanly able; a regular fuck machine.
Mick Jagger, most frat boys (TKE in particular), and Bill Clinton are al really great examples of a hose machine.
by cassius$ July 18, 2006
a simpleton, or any prick that thinks they know everything; a dumbass see chode, wad-pilot, dumbfuck
the tweedle fuck kept telling me, "potato chips have salt on them"
by cassius$ July 18, 2006
slang for some really seedy, nasty, sometimes moldy often brown or grey weed. comes in pressed bricks. not what you want, better suited for doormats and rope. what you want is dank
i bought an ounce of schwu and got 20 grams of seeds.
"you want 300 bucks for that schwu??!!
by cassius$ July 18, 2006
A jack-off, A person who greatly desires a wad and steers themselves towards it like a 747 being piloted towards a runway. Also, a person consumed by the trivialities of life, not unlike a chronic masturbator.
"I hate Moose, he's such a fucking wad-pilot for stealing all of my dvds and skipping out on rent"
by cassius$ July 18, 2006
a man who likes objects in the ass, not necessarily, but most likely a homosexual.
that Aaron says he's straight, but boy is he a pipefitter
by cassius$ July 18, 2006

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