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Usually the name of an extremely good looking girl

usually up for a shag with a fat little emo.

very large breast, often rude, but in a fun loving way.
generally sexy, and not at all frigid.

duudde, check out that Ellie T.

i would tap that Ellie T. with my 10 inch.

damn, shes such an Ellie T.
by cashmere868 January 30, 2008
the one whos a bit of a rebel, but you just luuurrvvvee.

tho one who asks 'why do u treat me like god?'

often staggeringly good looking.

ellie, you know im talking about you.

in this case, she is rude, attractive and such a whore.
ah, ur such a loveable rogue, just like in a story


ah ellie, ur the loveable rogue of my life story.
by cashmere868 February 01, 2008
the penis of a homosexual male. men who have a homo sausage usually turn that way as they do not feel women can truly respect their penis, in length and girth. so they turn to males, who know what makes a good homo sausage.
-often served up the batty crease.
-best taken with lube
-often belong to males named matt who turns emo because of the way he feels he is being mistreated.
-a male with a homo sausage will often have sent photos of it to females, then as they did not faint over the size of it, they then turn to making it a homo sausage.
-"homo sausage and mash" is a term used to describe the act of taking many homo sausages, and rubbing them wildly. once rubbed they will then spit mash at the other sausages, hence creating the perfect homo sausage an mash for dinner or a midnight snack.
"hey pete, wanna see my homo sausage?"

-Matt, "hey ellie, what do you think of my sausage?"
-Ellie, "its nothing too special, get over it/yourself."
Matt, "alright thats it, its now a homo sausage, i'm getting my cousin over."
by cashmere868 February 02, 2008

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