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To be extremely good or cool, amost at a godly level of cool.
1.(verb) Damn, this shit is bombass
2.(noun) Thats a bombass album
by Carson March 01, 2004
1. The lip of your sphyncter.
2. A good name to call someone.
How's your poop lip?
Your a big old poop lip.
by Carson December 06, 2004
An undescribable structure in shape, size, and proportion.
Person 1: "Hey! Look at that odd looking structure."
Person 2: "Oh chode monkey, don't ya know, thats an ooblyatta."

Person 1: "Mommy mommy I cut my poop lip on the ooblyatta."
by Carson December 06, 2004
1. An exceptionally stupid feline given to fits of random gay sounding yelling.

2. Exclamation made when one has just witnessed more stupidity in five seconds than one would normally be expected to experience in an entire lifetime.
1. Reddinger indicated strenuously and cacophonously that he did not want pickles or onions on his sandwich.

2. "Wha...REDDINGER! What the hell are you doing?!"
by Carson December 30, 2004
The name "Carson" when pronounced by a Bostonian.
"Cahson, siddown. Quit smilin'."
by Carson December 31, 2004
1) very good. intact.*

2) extremely tasty food substance.*

*word often stretched to add effect of how good something is.
1) Girl 1-"Yo, did you see that outfit? That jawn was schmackin!"
Girl 2-"Schmaaaackin!"

2) "I had a milkshake at Hollywood diner... That shit was schmaaaaaaackin!"
by Carson January 22, 2004
someone who is always hanging out in the same place
Those assholes that are always down at the corner store
by Carson March 01, 2004

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