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the greatest rappa of all times as well as biggie and yall kno it. sadly he has passed away and yes he has theres loadsa proof so believe it!!! anyway he was a really good poet song rita, rappa, actor, role model, father and especially a gd man. im so sorry afeni 4 the los of ur solder iv mentiond this b4 in anuva example but ill mention it agen he is not alive wer the hell do u people get this bull from hes passed away noew live wid it i am 2pacs greatest fan eva r.i.p baby. respect!!!!
i lov this man soooooooo much respect him hes a thug 4 life.
by carrie (mon and zush and co.) December 23, 2004
the best rapper eva to hav stepped onto this world and will always be but unfortunately is sadly gone but will be always remembered byhis true fans RIP TUPAC and i fink its gr8 dat eminem is puttin out songs that 2pac aint completed and spendin his time givin it a beat. they both are the biggest thing to eva happen in the music industry and soz eminem bout jade and ur mama and i hope u hav a gud life and end up as talented and sucessful as pac there will only b one pac im afaid he is the best. r.i.p r.i.p r.i.p at the mo he is lookin down on us and is supportin peeps through there dreams. afeni im sorry for the lost of ur soldier. but jus look 4ward 2 the day yall ar reunited!!! i love tupac....

i lov pac and make sure yall look out 4 loyal 2 the game his new alb produced by mnm (i luv him- zush)
by carrie (mon and zush and co.) November 23, 2004
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