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3 definitions by carole and RIch

to defile a toilet to a point of, a haz mat team showing up in your bathroon with police line tape , while hearing them mumble under their gas mask " this is the worst thing I have witnessed since 9 -11 on CNN.
While eating a diaper full of indian food last night I immeditaly had to taliban the restroom.
by carole and RIch October 01, 2007
when a man calls an abortion when he is too much of a pussey to use the real word or there are chldren around
take your hoe to the John salvy clinic for a flabortion . take my advice . now be quiet, mass is about to start .
by carole and RIch October 01, 2007
After eating shrimp cocktail that has been under a heat light and drinking a gallon of mexican water, you talaban the toliet and lock your wife ( who has been not putting out to you )in the bathroom with you with no fan on.
After 6 months of therapy proved friutless, and torture seemed the only option at hand. I released my wife from a hostage situation after see agreed to have anal sex.
by carole and RIch October 01, 2007