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When a girl appears to be fit from behind, you approach and she turns around to reveal she is in fact minging
Guy 1:"That girls looks fit, I'm going in"

Guy 2:"Yea go for it"

2 minutes later....

Guy 2:"Was she not game?"

Guy 1:"Naaa mate, roundabout syndrome"
by carltondcb16 May 12, 2011
A strange currency only found on the island of Ibiza and often dealt with by Newport folk and Spanish pedalo owners
During a predrink session on the island of Ibiza

Sol: "Those pedalos were class today, it's a shame that I couldn't sail it very well"

Chris: "Yea they ripped us off as well the price they were charging"

Owain: "Yea mate they must make bare money on those"
by carltondcb16 March 26, 2012
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