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Any person, typically of rural decent, who misbehaves according to social norms. E.g. shouting, fighting, or loudly arguing in public, especially to the point of making nearby spectators uncomfortable. In other words, anyone who shamelessly behaves as if they were raised in a barn.
This was an amazingly beautiful wedding reception, until those god damned barn kids showed up and started throwing Klondike bars at oncoming traffic.
by CarlsJunior November 19, 2014
Simultaneously taking a shit, receiving oral sex, and eating a Newk's premium sandwich.
Tim didn't think he could get it up until Gabby whisper grunted, "It's been too long since I gave you a Dook Newkem. It's time for the gumbo, baby."
by CarlsJunior May 15, 2015
the homosexual act of dual, simultaneous hand jobs, as performed during a prison threesome by the beta inmate, as he is pleasuring two alpha inmates. Only, instead of ski poles, the said beta has a dick in each hand. Probably in his mouth, too.
Most nights in Parchman, Matt closed his eyes, and pretended he was competing in the Alpine Men's slalom competition, as this was the only time in custody that he felt like he was "winning." See, prison skiing was the only thing that would keep Dante and Tyrone from turning Matt's asshole into truffle butter.
by CarlsJunior August 10, 2016
The sexual act of a feminist demonstrating dominance over her husband, by forcefully thrusting a large strap on dildo into the submissive during anal sex.
Brian didn't feel like going to church after Carra had finished pegging him that morning. He knew he had better get up and cook breakfast, or there would be more to cum.
by CarlsJunior August 12, 2015
the current president of Iran. he is a shia muslim and doesnt support the u.s. or israel. he has sympathy for the palestinians and sometimes questions the truth in the holocaust of the jews in wwII.the reason for his questioning of the holocaust is because he doesnt understand why jews would be given a home in an already occupied palestine instead of another empty place.

the u.s. media is extremely anti-ahmadinejad because the media is influenced by israel and israel is against him. israel is against him because he supports the palestinians and iran is believed to have trained militants from Palestine.

a quote was taken from ahmadinejad. its believed that he stated that "israel should be wiped of the map." this is false. he was referring to the imam when he said:

"The Imam said that this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time."
Everybody hates Ahmadinejad, but they dont really know him.
by carlsjunior March 04, 2008
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