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A traditional Bermudian dish containing casava and chicken. Typically served in the Christmas season.
At Christmas time, Bermudians gather with their families for turkey and casava pie!
by carlituhuh January 06, 2004
A 1337 version of the word bitch.
"Puja is such a bi0tch!"
by carlituhuh January 05, 2004
Someone who uses the :-\ smiley on AIM.
He used the :-\ smiley? What an emo bastard!
by carlituhuh March 31, 2004
A bi0tch located in Ohio who is pwned by teh casava pie. She enjoys the company of a particular emo bastard, hax0ring your ftp and pwning the int0rweb.
"Shit son, is that Puja?"
"It appears to be."
"She's totally pwning the int0rweb today."
"It's the influence of that casava lover, Carly."
by carlituhuh January 06, 2004

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