3 definitions by captainsuperawesome

the end-all be-all of films
Is Star Wars a good movie?

Which one? Nevermind. Yes.
by captainsuperawesome August 23, 2009
an orgasm caused by an excessive amount of surprise or excitement
When Katie saw the Taylor Lautner in the New Moon trailer, she was so excited she had an omfgasm.

John was watching The Empire Strikes Back and when Darth Vader said he was Luke Skywalker's father, John must've had an omfgasm he was so shocked.
by captainsuperawesome August 23, 2009
a rant or speech given by an angry, or irritated female which often contains irrelevant or illogical information
Man: "Dude, Becky went on such a bitchalogue last night after we were making fun of her. She's so annoying!"

Dude: "I know, man, she wouldn't shut up that one time we accidentally ran into her in the hallway."
by captainsuperawesome September 18, 2009

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