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You all know it; that point of no return hit that takes you to your happy place
One toke over the line, sweet Jesus,
One toke over the line.
Sittin' downtown in a railway station,
One toke station over the line.
by captainphoenix December 11, 2006
The blue garbage cans they put in the dorms for donation of non-parishable food to the needy. It doesn't actually ever contain anything edible until the last week of school, when lazy kids dump all their Ramen, Cup o Noodles, EasyMac, microwave popcorn, etc. into the bins because they don't want to take it home, but feel bad about throwing it out, which eventually leads to hippy Christmas.
The CHOW bins fed me and my buddies for like the last two weeks of school.
by captainphoenix December 11, 2006
Someone who won't get to get what they're after 'til the day they die.
I asked Bobby Dylan,
I asked The Beatles.
I asked Timothy Leary,
But he couldn't help me either!

Ah the seeker
by captainphoenix December 11, 2006
Unbelieveably excellent song by Traffic, done in the same style as Cream's cover of Robert Johnson's "Crossroad Blues". Strangely enough, the song originates from the 1967 album "Mr. Fantasy", which was released in the same year as Cream's legendary "Disraeli Gears".
Dear Mr. Fantasy, play us a tune,
Something to make us all happy!
by captainphoenix December 11, 2006
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