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The act of wrapping the penis around the sac-region. Thus, giving off the appearance of a snake wrapped around a bush. Also, the term reflects the aggression of the penis as a snake and protecting its "two best friends" from the vagina.
"Dood, did you hear TL scared off his girlfriend by whippin' out 'Snake around the bush' ?"

"Dood yeah- she cried for like six hours."
by cannibalcamel May 05, 2010
The large depression in the couch or bed that fails to spring back into position after a particularly heavy person sat on it.
BOOM...BOOM....BOOM the massive chick stormed through the house. She sat down on the couch where she made a buffalo wallow.
by cannibalcamel June 30, 2011
When you've done something bad and you feel like you just killed Jesus.
"Ya man i blacked out and i guess i fooled around with that big girl, she asked what i was doing tonight. Fuck."

"I'm sorry man, sounds like you've got judas guilt."
by cannibalcamel November 07, 2011

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