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an amazing, talented, good-looking couple who met at Berklee College of Music and later blew up on YouTube with their cover version of "Look at Me Now". They have a variety of other cover versions of popular songs. Amy has the voice, the amazing rap skills, and guitar playing skills while Nick, the background singer, excels with the piano, trombone, and cajon accompaniments. They also have catchy original songs which makes them unique in what they do. They are "the little band with a big sound" because they believe music should be in its simplest form. I would be happy to see them make it big someday because they are real artists and definitely deserve it.
Person 1: Wow! I just saw this white girl rapping on YouTube! She killed it! and the guy had great piano skills!

Person 2: Was that Karmin!?!? because I think I know what you're talking about!

Person 1: Yea it was!
by canned-ice July 10, 2011

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