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mash-up of the words sexy & successful

definition #1
one is sexessful if they are a double threat of sexy and successful.

definition #2 (verb)
the act of conquering a romantic endeavor. or being successful in intimacy/sex/romance.
Definition #1 Examples
Girl- no one compares to your sexessfulness. Your sex appeal is off the charts and you have a really successful career. That makes you an independant woman and that is the definition of sexess!

Angelina Jolie is effortlessly sexessful.

Definition #2 Examples

Bro- were you sexessful last night? did you score?

Was last night a sexess?

by canegirl March 22, 2009
being successful in your romantic endeavors/conquests.


If you want to score on your date... you have to dress for sexess

a sexess is when you have conquered something on your romantic checklist


scoring on a date is a sexess
by canegirl March 22, 2009
each of the guys you are dating is a called a burner and you rotate them as you would when cooking on a 4 burner or 6 burner stove.

never keep them in one position for too long. keep it fresh and rotate their positions from front to back as necessary.
Heather 4 burners are Steve, Jack, Sam, & Chuck but Steve is on the front burner because he is the hottest and takes her on the most exciting dates. The other guys are on the back burner.
by canegirl March 20, 2009

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