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1 definition by campusfyffe

Farfour is an arabic term used to describe a person who leads a 'soft' life.

The farfour does not like sand, that is yucky, nor do they like yucky things. Such as: Poor people, old cars, anything that is not a blackberry, oil, dirt, non-designer clothing, chicken on the bone, unsliced vegtables, taxis, heat, cold.

The farfour has undergone great development, but, he/she is still in denial.
Waiter: So you would like the chicken?
Farfour: Yes, BUT, make sure that it has been soaked in chardonnay 12 times and that its owner drives a BMW, otherwise....ewwwy"

Oh my god, look at that farfoura, she brought her own plank of wood to the beach, she doesnt like sand ewwwwy"
by campusfyffe May 10, 2010