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Think of something that is
a) Affectionate
and b) Non-sexual.

Whatever you think of, is what a fluffle is - it's different for every person.

One of the more common interpretations is hugging someone and ruffling their hair.
* Cameron fluffles Kate - Hi there!

* Cameron gives Kate a good fluffling.
by Cameron September 14, 2004
A word to define the cigar "Black & Mild" Usually used to "boost" the high after smoking marijuana.
Say dog let's go get a black.
by Cameron March 28, 2005
Narcotic seller on the urban city streets.
Drug Dealer
by Cameron April 15, 2003
Jesus Titty-Fucking Christ

Introduced in Team America, giving the world an opportunity to create other interesting phrases such as: Holy-Fucking-Dick-Balls, which is said quite often by bf2players.
Jesus Titty-fucking Christ (JTFC). I... could've sworn she was telling the truth.
by Cameron October 02, 2005
An awesome human being who is liked by everyone they meet.
I like this kid a lot. He's definitely a Jaffe.
by cameron March 07, 2005
a bro is a guy who is usually really ugly, black spicked hair, lifted huge trucks go to the desert every weekend, wears sunglasses all the time wears famous, often smokes a lot lisens to rap, hardcore stuff, kmk, kingspade.
beats there girlfriend, white trash, trys to act hard.
Bro1: im going to the dez this weekend gona get faded every night man.
bro2: me 2 gona ride and beats some fags ass's
by cameron February 01, 2005
The game that is finally coming out as of november 2004. it is going to be teh r0xors.
"Half-life 2 is gonna rock!"
by Cameron October 25, 2004

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