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Reel Big Fish
HSB! RBF rules!
by Cameron May 12, 2004
Let's see...
He was a worthless drug addict.
He wasn't all that great at guitar.
I've seen several definitions reffering to him as "the greatest musician ever" or "the greatest song writer ever"..
let's look at the facts shall we?
Many other bands have started Genre's.
are they hailed as the greatest bands ever? no.
Iron Maiden was one of the most influential bands in thrash metal, and they defined the sound of a genre. are they hailed as Gods? no.
Pink Floyd was argueably one of the most influential bands of our time. For god's sake, even KorN covered them. but are they hailed as God's again? no
the greatest songwriter of all time eh?
Are we to throw away Bob Dylan or Johnny cash for some heroin addict?
and his meager guitar playing skills?
Smells like teen spirit chorus is 4 power chords, 'nuff said.
Guy 1: oh man, I'm so anti-establishment, I listen to Nirvana, Kurt is amazing, he roxxxxorz your soxxxxorz lol, he like totally expresses my lyf in general, I am so sad
Guy 2- No, your a pathetic moron who thinks he's cool. Kurt wasn't good, and frankly, I'm glad he's dead.
by Cameron May 28, 2005
when a mans dick goes into sex partners mouth. happens when penis is at a large state.
feels veeery good and men like it
by cameron March 24, 2005
Skany Lesbian Underwear Transaction
Brian Erich Cameron
Were S.L.U.T.'s!!!!!!
by Cameron April 27, 2004
big fat nugg of really good chronic
dawg we got some kb lastnight we was so blazed
by cameron May 03, 2003
My girl! LOL. *kissy kissy*
I love my Squee! Squee! Squee! hehe disgust Angie! I LOVE MY SQUEE!!!
by Cameron January 04, 2005
What old people say when they play or watch hockey.
"Where's the damn phuck??"
by Cameron July 17, 2004
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