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a man/woman who will put there life in stake to finish there job which is ethier to eliminate the enmemy, plant a C4 bomb at a cerain place or thing which propose a threat to america or other conturies.somtimes they recover a certain veichle like the Blackhawk. so the ethir plant a bomb or destroy it with a greater weapon like the Alpachie.
they have certan ranks in the army and well you could rank up for saving alot of people or save your allies. i am not sure the rest about how to rank up.
these are the ranks i know not in the right order:
master sergeant
and General
besides trannie and recruit, they all have like first class and second class.
soldier 1: what now?
soilder 2: i dont know call the black hawk and lets go home
soilder 1: ok wait:
*5 hours later*
soilder 1: look its the black hawk!! wait a sec.. OH NO!!!!
soilder 2 : what?
soilder 1: its being attacked by a terroirist.
soilder 2: dam i gotta call the alpachie to blow this shit.
by call of combat rock May 02, 2009
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